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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Americana Weddings insured?

  • Yes, we carry a liability insurance policy of 2 million.

What is your editing turnaround time?

  • Our commitment is to deliver the edited wedding film within 30 days from the wedding date.

How will we receive our wedding films?

  • Your wedding films will be delivered digitally.

How does your drone cinematography work?

  • Our packages include drone footage, and we have licensed drone operators. The drone will not be flown during the ceremony, but if weather conditions, FAA regulations, and timing allow, we will capture drone footage of your venue.

Who selects the music?

  • You can inform us of your preferred music style for the wedding film, and we will use cinematic music that complements the film's atmosphere.

Is there a travel fee?

  • No, we do not charge for travel.

Do we receive all the raw footage from our wedding?

  • Yes, all unedited footage is provided as a complimentary addition to every package. We will supply you with a link to view and download it.

Can we provide a shot list?

  • Certainly, please email us your shot list, and we will review it.

How long is an engagement session?

  • Engagement sessions are one hour long and can include different locations within that hour.

How many wedding photos will we receive?

  • The number of photos depends on the allocated time for photography and the quality of each photo. Our company reserves the right to edit and release only professionally captured photos. All other photos are deleted.

Do you have experience with different types of weddings?

  • Yes, we have worked with various denominations of the Christian faith, Jewish ceremonies, Hindu-Indian weddings, and traditional Asian cultures such as Chinese and Japanese weddings, as well as Greek, African, and other cultural ceremonies.

What is 4K Resolution?

  • 4K Ultra High Definition offers four times the quality of 1080p high definition.

Do you collaborate well with other vendors?

  • Yes, we work well with other vendors, as long as they do not obstruct our camera view during the wedding.

Do you have multiple photographers and videographers?

  • Yes, we have a small but talented team trained to shoot in a consistent style and maintain high-quality standards.

Do you bring backup equipment?

  • Yes, we always bring backup gear to all events.

How long is the extended film?

  • The extended edit typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of footage available.

What does the extended film include?

  • The extended film encompasses pre-ceremony preparations, the ceremony, and highlights from the reception.

How long is the highlight film?

  • Typically, the highlight film is the duration of one song.

Do you provide lighting?

  • Yes, we have all the necessary lighting equipment and only use it when required.

What time will you arrive on the wedding day?

  • We arrive no later than 45 minutes before the scheduled time to unload and set up.

Will you use microphones for the film?

  • Yes, we will use a small wireless microphone on the groom or officiant to capture high-quality audio.

Can we split the hours of coverage?

  • No, the hours of coverage must be continuous and consecutive.

What is your most popular package?

  • Our most popular package is the 8-hour package, which is frequently booked by our clients.

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